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Employment Guarantee

Employment Guarantee
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Much of CEC field work is in areas dependent for livelihoods on rain-fed farming. Such areas face recurring drought leading to hunger, migration and distress. Hence CEC sought a development package for such areas to build in considerable investments on safety nets. So, CEC, which was already working on drought mitigation employment opportunities, chose to lead the thinking and direction on the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. CEC is the first and only NGO to pilot NREGA even before its launch and has published three books on stakeholder perspectives, learning and challenges & opportunities.

CEC aims to make the difference in meeting the expectations of the poor by triggering multiple outcomes ensure adequate supplementary wage income, making labour a bankable instrument to promote food and nutrition security with welfare being central, and to use the investment for long term measures for human and natural resource development. Our tasks include community mobilization, development of skills and motivating village level activists, facilitating innovative ideas, assisting mainstreaming of validated practices and piloting next level practices.