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Here we work with issues that suddenly emerge and merit a multi-disciplinary practice based “out of the box thinking”. Some areas of our intervention are

Addressing farmer suicides through using new learning and technologies (a major initiative was on cotton where to reduce debt traps and overuse of chemical insecticides we worked on a basket of technologies involving strategic partners and under the aegis of AP Cotton (APCOT).

Water is central to life and is a universally shared resource. Water is increasingly became a highly contentious issues and a growing profit motive based industry. CEC launched a Godavari Basin Dialogue Initiative as part of the global water dialogue. This is the largest river in South India.

Electricity is the key source of modern day comfort. So many of us got together to form a “Peoples Monitoring Group on Power Sector’ for negotiating its pricing and environment friendly production technology.

In NREGS CEC is working on developing tools and has already successfully mainstreamed information technology products and software for its planning, monitoring and ensuring governance accountability.