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Following Public Hearings on Farmer suicides and in view of recurring drought CEC formed a civil society forum, Raithu Sahaya Committee to address farmerís issues. The forum provides immediate assistance to families in distress followed by ensuring the families receiving announced government entitlements. It also works with farmers to promote sustainable livelihood centric perspectives and approach to agriculture development.

Reforms in infrastructure, banking, health care and education are centered on privatization. Towards understanding and brining in a peoples perspective, CEC is involved with specific initiatives such as mediating medical care, education for all etc. Such groups involve a wide segment of civil society stakeholders using techniques of research and public hearings.

CEC is involved in forging a strong global movement to free the Global South from debt and domination. We believe that the debts of the South have been paid many times over in financial terms and more importantly, in human terms by peoples of South. CEC was elected members of the Steering Committee of the Asis Pacific Movement on Debt and Development.

CEC builds solidarity on the issues with social movements, peopleís organization, communities, NGOs and Political formations through exchange of information, campaign and experience sharing. So welcome to share ideas and collaborate with ideas that address our shared mandate.